There are a number of hostels attached to Maulana Azad Medical College and its hospitals. Every effort is made to provide accommodation to students of Maulana Azad Medical College. However, till the new Hostel block comes up, students may have to share rooms. Rooms are allotted as per priority decided according to Hostel rules.

The available hostels are distributed as follows (Hostels are likely to be renamed soon):

1. Undergraduate hostels:
Girls Hostel 1 (former Warden Flat hostel)  Google Map link
Old Girls Hostel Google Map link
New Girls Hostel Google Map link
Women intern hostel (former PG women’s Hostel) Google Map link
Boys hostel 1 (former Intern hostel) Google Map link
Old Boys Hostel Google Map link
Boys Intern Hostel (former New Boys Hostel) Google Map link

2.       Postgraduate Hostels:
PG Men’s Hostel (Men) Google Map link
New Girls Hostel (Women) Google Map link
Old Resident Doctors Hostel (Men) Google Map link
New Resident Doctors Hostel (Men & Women) Google Map link
Lok Nayak Resident Doctors Hostel (Women) Google Map link

Out of these, Women Intern Hostel, Old Resident Doctors Hostel and Lok Nayak Resident Doctors Hostel are under the administrative control of Medical Director Lok Nayak Hospital, while New Resident Doctors Hostel is under the administrative control of Director GB Pant Hospital. All other hostels are under control of Dean, Maulana Azad Medical College.

Day to day management of the hostel is done by caretakers, under supervision of Wardens.

Provost: Dr R S Ahlwat, Director Professor Medicine
Sanjeevani Hostel (Old Girls Hostel) Dr. Reena Tomar, Associate Professor Pathology
Mother Teresa (Warden Hostel) Dr. Reena Tomar  ,Associate Professor Pathology
Dr. Padmawati Hostel(Women Intern Hostel) Dr. Niharika Dhiman, Associate Professor , Obs.& Gynea.
Dr. Anandi Hostel (PG Women's Hostel) Dr.Amandeep Kaur, Professor, Forensic Medicine
Dhanwantri Hostel Dr. Sreenivas M.,  Director Professor ,Forensic Medicine
Sushruta Hostel Dr. Anurag Mishra ,Associate Professor,Surgery
Charak Hostel (Boys Intern Hostel) Dr. Rajdeep Singh, Professor, Surgery
Dr B C Roy Hostel (P G Men's Hostel) Dr. Dhiraj D Buchade, Associate Professor , Forensic Medicine

Student representatives:
Hostel Secretary                                           Pradeep Soni
Girls Hostel 1
Old Girls Hostel
New Girls Hostel
Boys Hostel 1
Old Boys Hostel                                            Arnav Bansal
Boys Intern Hostel                                       Pratham Sachdeva

Updated on: 01.01.2018