General Surgery

The Department of Surgery at Maulana Azad Medical College is at the forefront of teaching the principles and art of Surgery to Undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral students. There are 16 faculty members and 3 specialists, who provide OPD, operative and emergency cover apart from their teaching and research obligations. Although all faculty members are proficient in general surgical procedures, each has a core area of interest on which he conducts research. The department has the latest in surgical equipment, such as argon plasma coagulator, Harmonic and Ligasure, radiofrequency ablation, holmium and KTP lasers, lithotripsy, etc. Faculty members have published a number of books and are acknowledged as leading experts in various fora.
   Two hundred and fifty undergraduate students join the undergraduate course every year, and continue till they pass out after spending 3 ½ years affiliated to the department. To ensure that clinical teaching is not affected, the group posted in Surgery is divided into further small groups and attached to a clinical unit. This ensures that each student gets adequate clinical exposure to a variety of cases. The students are expected to work up the cases allotted to them, to discuss them with the faculty and residents, observe and assist in the surgeries and follow up the patients till discharge. The involvement of the students can be assessed from the fact that many students come to the wards and Emergency department in the evenings, outside their regular hours. It is gratifying that many go on to pursue careers in the surgical sciences.

Sixteen postgraduate students are enrolled in Surgery every year. The department of Surgery at Maulana Azad Medical College has one of the highest rankings for the practice of surgery. Postgraduate students are selected from a national entrance exam, for which there is a fierce competition. During their 3 year stay in the department, they are intimately involved in the management of all cases- general surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, head & neck, peripheral vascular, urology, endocrine, trauma, etc. 
   The department is also at the forefront of Minimal Access Surgery. The first department to perform Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in North India, it has rapidly progressed over the years to the present state where all abdominal minimal access surgeries are being performed here. Recognizing this, the National board of Examinations started the Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery in the department. Two fellows are admitted each year, with the demand for the course among the top 5 in the country.
   Its been 33 years since the annual Surgery Update is being held every year at Maulana Azad Medical College. It has been acknowledged as the premier course of India, covering all surgical topics important for a surgical resident. The popularity of the course is evident – the registration has increased to 450 per event. The organizers have had to limit the registrations, as further delegates are difficult to accommodate.
   The Department has plans to increase the faculty strength and procure new equipment such as operative robot in the future. It will remain at the forefront of surgical thinking, research and training.