Curriculum Committee

Name of the Chairman/Members

1st Prof MBBS

1. Dr Sabita Mishra, Chairperson and HOD Anatomy

2. Dr. B C Koner, HOD (Biochemistry)

3. Dr. Aarti Sood Mahajan ,HOD (Physiology)

2nd Prof MBBS

1. Dr. Nita Khurana,Chairperson & HOD Pathology

2. Dr. Vandana Roy, HOD (Pharmacology)

3. Dr. Sonal Saxena, HOD (Microbiology)

3rd Prof P-I

1. Dr. M M Singh, Chairman and HOD PSM

2. Dr. Kirti Singh, HOD (Ophthalmology)

3. Dr. P K Rathore, HOD (ENT)

4. Dr. Upender Kishore,HOD (Forensic Medicine)

3rd Prof P-II

1. Dr. R S Ahalawat, Chairman

2. Dr. Suresh Kumar, HOD (General Medicine)

3. Dr. Pawanindra Lal,HOD (General Surgery)

4. Dr. Monica Juneja, HOD (Paediatric)

5. Dr. Asmita Rathore, HOD (OBG)