The Department of Anatomy came into subsistence in 1959, as one of the bed rock department of Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India. It occupies parts of the ground, first and second floors of Anatomy Block of MAMC. 

Since its beginning, ithas established itself as one of the leading department of MAMC. It is not astonishing that MAMC was judged the third best medical college in India in the INDIA TODAY poll conducted in 2014-15. Our department won the coveted Flemming Trophy 2014 for the best Research work in MAMC.

Major activities of the department are centered around teaching and research. 250 students are admitted each year to the

MBBS course. The undergraduate course taught by our distinguished faculty and residents, provide students with a solid foundation in the medical sciences. Foundation Course on stress and time management, communication skills is conducted in 1st month of admission every year.Emphasis is also placed on the inculcation and development of empathy, in pursuit of producing compassionate and innovative medical professionals who place the interests of their patients foremost. An inquiry driven approach is encouraged among students to keep their initiative and interest alive by making them active participants in the teaching-learning process.

Postgraduate students in M.D. (Anatomy) are admitted once a year. PG teaching module consists of seminars, microteaching, journal clubs, PG classes, assessments, discussions and demonstrations.
Workshops based on following topics are conducted every year in our department to update ourselves and spread the knowledge acquired, to other parts in India.

  • » Histological Techniques- Neural Staining, Immunohistochemistry & Stereology
  • » Preservation Techniques- Embalming, Plastination & Corrosion Cast.
  • » Museology
  • » Genetics- Cytogenetics & Molecular Genetics
  • » Fetal Autopsy

The department is also an active organizer for various cadaveric workshops for post-graduate training and skills training in surgical and allied disciplines. 
It is also a center for teaching anatomy to other allied medical branches too like Bachelor of Dental Sciences, B.Sc. Nursing, Bachelor of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences, Bachelor of Speech, Audiology, Language Pathology. 

Different laboratories of the department conduct both basic and applied researches using experimental as well as clinical material. The department is blessed with the state of art Dissection Hall and Histology Lab. Research with clinical material is done in the Genetics and Developmental Anatomy labs. Departmental research is diverse and addresses problems in histology, developmental biology, neurobiology, genetics and gross anatomy. 

The Department of Anatomy is also a centralized facility for embalming and a recognized center for voluntary body donation.