Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia attended / Paper presentation (National/ International)

  • Dr. A.P. Dubey:- National conference IAP, held at Hyderabad.
  • Dr. A.P Dubey:- Delhi state IAP conference held in December 2010
  • Dr. A.P. Dubey:- Conducted workshop on Diarrhea Management at Indore, Sagar,Hushangabad.
  • Dr. A.P. Dubey:- Conducted FIMNCI ToT at Hyderabad and Rohtak.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur, ICMR, Indo -Us workshop on Maternal and Neonatal sepsis at New Delhi 25-26 Oct. 2010.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur NNF expert group meeting for capacity building in newborn care, New Delhi. 31.03.2010
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur 16th Congress of Federation of Asia Oceania perinatal societies at New Delhi 14-17 Dec. 2010
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Technical Advisory Panal meeting of PATH at New Delhi 7.5.10.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Resuscitation training with simulators workshop of NNF at Jaipur 07.10.10
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur 30th Annual convention of National Neonatology forum at Jaipur 8-10 Oct 10
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur FIMNCI workshop at Gwalior & Delhi.
  • Dr. U. Jhamb:- Attended SPSS hands on training at MAMC New Delhi on April 2010
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar:- Attended XXX Annual Convention of National Neonatology Forum, India at Jaipur, 08-10, October, 2010.
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar:- Attended Training of Trainers Course on "Facility Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI)" at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi from 12 January-16 January 2010
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Attended workshop on Clinical approaches to skeletal dysplasias and inherited bone disorders organized by the Center for Human Genetics, Bangalore from 16th - 19th August, 2010.
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Attended Annual National Conference of IAP held at Bangalore
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Attended JSK training on 1st Oct, 2010 for call centre employees
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Attended Child Health Congress 2010 on 14th September, 2010.
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Attended CME on Early Intervention and Prevention of disability due to Genetic Disorders at Chandigarh on 11th December, 2010
  • Dr. M. Mantan: - Delivered talk on "Management of ARF in children" in Uttarakhand Pedicon held at Roorkee on 7th February 2010.
  • Dr. M. Mantan: Participated in a panel discussion on "Management of some common childhood disorders" in Uttarakhand Pedicon held at Roorkee on 7th February 2010.
  • Dr. M. Mantan: - Delivered a talk on "Incontinence" in the XXII annual meeting of Indian Society of Nephrology held at Kolkatta on 14th November 2010.
  • Dr. M. Mantan: - Participated in the video conference of The Chronic Kidney Disease registry Group held at New Delhi in November 2010 as a core member of the committee.
  • Dr. D. Mishra:- D. Mishra was Invited Faculty at 'Art & Science of Paper Writing', Workshop organized by Indian Pediatrics at Apollo Auditorium, New Delhi on 1st & 2nd October, 2010.
  • Dr. D. Mishra Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune on 8th and 9th October, 2010.
  • Dr.D. Mishra attended and was invited faculty at 'National Childhood Disability Conference', the VII National Conference of Childhood Disability Group of IAP at MAMC, Delhi on 12-14th November, 2010.
  • Dr.D. Mishra attended and was Invited Faculty at 'Update on Headache and Epilepsy-Office Practice' at Apollo Auditorium, Delhi on 15th November, 2010.
  • Dr. D. Mishra participated in the 'National Protocol Finalization Workshop cum Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meeting' of INCLEN for the study 'Neurodevelopmental disabilities among children in India', on 27-29 August, 2010 at Delhi.
  • Dr. A.P Dubey:- Attended International Thalassemia conference held at New Delhi.
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor:- Attended the second workshop on "Consolidating Newborn screening efforts in the Asia Pacific Region' at Manila, Philippines
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor: Attended 9th Annual Symposium of the Asian Society for Inherited Metabolic Disease held in Osaka, Japan from October 21-23rd 2010.
Distinguished Visitors
  • Prof Michael Johnston (USA), Dr Ann Tilton (Canada), Dr Suresh Kotagal (US), Dr Asuri Prasad (US), and Dr Chitra Prasad (US) visited the Deptt and delivered talks on Neurodevelopmental disabilities on 12-14 November, 2010
Significant events (Honours to Faculty)
  • Dr. A.P. Dueby:- Vice chairman of LN Hospital Ethics committee.
  • Dr. A.P. Dubey:- Executive Editor of the journal Indian Pediatrics.
  • Dr. A.P. Dubey:- Chairperson of IAP chapter on Nutrition
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur: Best Thesis Award by Indian Journal of Pediatrics to the thesis guided.
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Guest Lecture on use of IVIG in children in PICU in National conference of pediatric critical care at Surat on 28-30th oct 2010.
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Pannelist in pannel discussion on Administrative and financial issues in National conference of pediatric critical care at Surat on 28-30th oct 2010.
  • Dr.U Jhamb-Pannelist in pannel discussion on end of life issues in International conference of critical care medicine at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi on 16-18.2.2011
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Chairperson in pediatric cardiology update in MAMC on 26.2.11
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Case presentation from PICU (Kawasaki disease) pediatric cardiology update in MAMC on 26.2.11
  • Dr.U Jhamb -Lecture on Management of shock in children in Pediatric surgery update in MAMC on 24-26.3.11
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Faculty for FIMNCI workshop in Rohtak Medical college on 10-14.5.2010.
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar Quality Assurance in NICU" Panel Discussion during XXX Annual Convention of NNF, Jaipur, 08-10 October, 2010.
  • Dr D. Mishra elected as Executive Board member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Delhi for the year 2010.
  • Dr D Mishra appointed as Associate Editor of Indian Pediatrics
Representation on expert Committee/ Bodies
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Chairman of Delhi State Level Standing Committee for investigation of Death/Adverse reactions following vaccination.
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Member of National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) of Govt. of India
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Member of AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization) Committee of Govt. of India
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Expert team member for NABH Accreditation of Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Chairman of State Pre technical evaluation committee fro purchase of equipments for pediatrics departments of various Delhi Govt. hospital.
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Member, Committee for selection of Essential drugs for Delhi Govt. hospitals
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey:- Expert team member for selection of specialists and Asstt Professor in Pediatrics
  • Dr. A. P. Dubey nominated by Aligarh Muslim University as Member Board of Research Studies
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur nominated by Jeewaji University, Gwalior as member board of studies, Jeewaji University, Gwalior.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Lead Guest editor, special issue on Neonatal sepsis, Internation Journal of pediatrics.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Member of NNF expert group on capacitybuilding in newborn care.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Member, Techincal Advisery group 06 PATH for sure start project material & child health.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Inspector, Medical council of India.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur External examiner, Diplomate National Board, BFUHS, Punjab, PGIMER.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Reviewer of Journals - Archives of Dis of childhood of the BMJ group of journals.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Reviewer of Asia Pacific journal of Public Health.
  • Dr. N. B. Mathur Reviewer Indian Pediatrics & Indian Journal Pedaitrics
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Carried out inspection of Govt Medical college Raipur for MCI on 25-26.5.2010
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Coducted personality test for UPSC for medical officers on 19.7.2010 to 23.7.2010
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Coducted appraisal for jaipur Golden hospital for DNB pediatrics course on 27- 28.7.2010.
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Judge for free paper session in International conference of critical care medicine at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi on 16-18.2.2011.
  • Dr. U Jhamb -Coducted personality test for entrance exam offellowship in DNB pediatric critical care.
  • Dr. K. Rajeshwari was nominated by the NACO (agency) as expert to Techincal Resourse group of NACO (TRG of NACO)
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar Member- Editorial Board, Journal of Neonatology: Official Journal of the National Neonatology Forum of India, Years 2009, 2010.
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Member of Task Force for Metabolic errors by the DBT.
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Member of advisory board of IVF and reproductive Biology center, MAMC, New Delhi
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Member Task force on Lysosomal storage Disorders by the ICMR
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Editorial Board Member for Indian Pediatrics, Indian Journal of Pediatrics Journal of Pediatric Genetics & Metabolis
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Member Task force on ":Thalassemia Control" by the ICMR.
  • Dr. D. Mishra Member, Technical Advisory Group, of International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) for the study 'Neurodevelopmental disabilities among children in India'.
  • Dr. D. Mishra is a member of the Disability Certification Committee of Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi
Health Services to the Community
  • Dr. A.P. Dubey:- TV and Radio Talks on Thalassemia and measles, diarrhea in children.
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Disability Board for LN hospital for evaluation of challenged children
  • Dr. Seema Kapoor Helping support for formation of the Down Syndrome support group
  • Dr. D. Mishra, Contributing articles in hindi on health related topics in Children's magazine-'Killol'
Lab. Data

Pediatric Research Lab & Genetic Lab

Following tests has been done in the Genetic Lab. in the Department from January 2007 to December 2007.

S. No
Name of the Test
23 (From October, 07 to December, 07)
Tissue transglutaminase (tTG)
85 (From July, 07 to December, 07)
S. Ceruloplasmin
IGF -1
45 (From Aug, 07 to Dec, 07)
U. Copper
S. Copper
U. Calcium
13 (From July, 07 to Dec, 07)
11 (From Aug, 07 to Dec, 07)
Anti LKM
Anti SMA
Blood Ammonia
a – 1 anti trypsin
U. amminoacidogram
8 (From Aug, 07 to Dec, 07)
Triple Marker
Double Marker

New tests added
  1. C3
  2. S. Lactate
  3. IGF – 1, IGF BP3
  4. Enzymes for Gauchers, Biotinidase, Aryl sulfatase A
  5. a 1-antitrypsin

Pediatric Respiratory Lab

Bronchoscopy 122
Sweat Chloride estimation 62
P.F.T. 75
d) Pediatric Endoscopy UGIE - 138 & E.R.C.P. – 01
e) Pediatric ECHO 1277 cases – Pediatric ECHO

New Facility added

  • Neonatal screening for congenital hypothyroidism, CHA, and G6PD deficiency and Screening of children for various metabolic disorders
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